Friday, March 02, 2007

March of the Abolitionists

The final stage of the epic seven year Lifeline Expedition journey will conclude in 2007 with the March of the Abolitionists which is a National Project for the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade. There will be two walks - the first a 250 miles journey from Hull to Westminster from March 1-24 and the second journey linking the former slave ports of London, Bristol and Liverpool from June 4 - July 11.

The core team of walkers will have 2 days of orientation onboard the S/Y Next Wave, a new training vessel which will be launched in Hull by our partners Youth With A Mission.

The opening event of the March, before the walkers depart, will be a short commissioning service with the Bishop of Hull at Holy Trinity Church at 09:00 on March 1st. All welcome.

At the end of the first walk we will be joining the Walk of Witness.

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  • To bring an apology for the role of Europeans (and especially the role of the church) in the Atlantic slave trade and to ask how we can make amends and repair the damage.
  • To provide a safe place for dialogue and to foster healing and reconciliation.
  • To engage with schools, public forums and the media to educate about the true history of slavery and abolition and the need to deal with ongoing issues of racism, racial justice and forgiveness.
  • To remember the abolitionists of 200 years ago, especially seeking to bring to the fore the contribution of lesser known abolitionists, both black and white. To further the work started by abolitionists 200 years ago by facilitating healing and restoration from the consequences of slavery among Africans and African descendants .
  • To draw attention to ongoing forms of contemporary slavery and to campaign for its abolition. To also draw attention to the dehumanisation of any race or people group by any kind oppression or slavery .


Highlights from the world famous TV show Roots: Kunta Kinte gets whipped.