Friday, February 09, 2007

Tecsbaco Lifts Rural Community From the Drains

One of the few companies that has unhesitantly poured its money into post-war Sierra Leone is Tecsbaco International and affiliate of London Mines Company. In cooperation with its partners, London Mines, it has made progressive strides in boosting economic growth in the country. Western Union The London Mines Company is a subsidiary entity of TECSBACO. After the war, one of the greatest phenomena the country had been grappling with is youth unemployment. Mr. Abdul R. Bah is the managing director of Tecsbaco. He says, "The company's investment in mining has greatly curtailed unemployment at Pepel and neighbouring towns in the northwest of the country".

There have been unconfirmed reports that Japanese and Chinese have taken over the mining of ore from Tecsbaco, but investigation carried out by this reporter has proved it to be false. Mr. Bah himself says it is not true.

He says the lease of the entire Marampa, Lunsar, Pepel Island and the environs is contained in a legal document from the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resource.

Reports from the community say the company is determined to give educational support to the youths. The company has also helped to improve other socio-economic aspect of the areas where it has leased.

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