Thursday, February 22, 2007

SNA Manager Exposes Government... No Capital Investment, No Infrastructure

The Acting Manager of Sierra National Airline (SNA), Ahmed Wurie has explained his ordeal as head of that Parastatal in an exclusive interview with this press.Mr. Wurie said since the Airline started flying the country’s national flag there has been no capital investment or a formidable infrastructural development for management utilize in its operations.

“Had I known SNA is having many problems I would not have taken up this appointment,” Mr. Wurie said, adding, “some of us are regretting being at SNA where there is now all possibility of leaving without benefit”.

“Government has never bought a single plane for the Airline, and has neglected the company and instead relies on the National Commission for Privatization,” Mr. Wurie said, adding that since 2004 their London Account has been closed down.

“We took up a very difficult work at SNA, and for the past three years there has been no progress. Worse of it all the government took the ground handling from us and handed it over to the Sierra Leone Airport Authority”.

The Airport Authority, he said is paying Le 120,000,000 (one hundred and twenty million Leone) monthly, twenty percent of proceeds from the ground handling.

“Most times only part payment is made, which is insufficient to pay staff salaries, allowances, NASSIT, city rate, maintenance of vehicles and generator, purchase of fuel etc,” Mr. Wurie explained.

When ask about the formation of a company called Sierra Leone Aviation, the acting manager said it is indeed correct that himself and four others at SNA formed the company as a standby company to take over from SNA, should the liquidating process be completed.

“We want to absorb eighty percent of the present staff with a wealth of experience in aviation,” Mr. Wurie said, stressing that if SNA survives they will automatically close down SL Aviation.

He however revealed that because of the continuous placement of protest cards at the office he feels insecure to report for work, even though work has already commenced following the suspension of the industrial action.