Sunday, February 11, 2007


In his Meet- the -people Sensitization tour,  the opposition All Peoples’ Congress ( APC)  leader,  Ernest Bai Koroma,  has told a large crowd  of party stalwarts and supporters during the opening of the Tonkolili District  APC Secretariat that the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP)  has become  tired and cannot  afford to implement the Food Security program. Mr.Koroma taunted President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah that his food security program failed badly and his government failed to deliver its promise to provide food on every plate in Sierra Leone. 

The opposition leader then said that the whole of Sierra Leone was now looking up to him to him to take power after July 28th polls to change things and provide food for Sierra Leoneans. He therefore  called on all and sundry to push the APC party forward and do away with bad politics for the good of the nation.  

Mr. Koroma stated that  his leadership  has changed the APC to a new political party .  Everybody  knows what is happening," he said ; “there is nothing to point at as an SLPP achievement in the Northern or Eastern Province " .

Mr. Koroma said that the Bumbuna HydoElectricity program  reiterated the failure of the SLPP and that Bumbuna was  going to be finished  by the APC; “Since we infact started the whole project "

He added that the establishment of the secretariat in Magbuaraka was an indication that the executive had a commitment thus and will use the secretariat  to school supporters on registration and voter education .  He encouraged the people to register,  pointing to the process  as a tool that can empower the voters.

Mr. Koroma said that the APC is a family of all Sierra Leoneans  and that c the ountry is now listening to his party and  he vowed to electrify everywhere in the country while also providing  medical supplies that would ould be allocated to communities in the provinces . 
“I am not making empty promises  but when we shall win the elections and assumed power after July 28th the lives of Sierra Leoneans will be improved with rapid changes in the country ,” he said and added : "We have to win the election, and when we do,   our ministers will  work for the benefit of the nation."
Mr. Koroma went on : “If the SLPP thinks they can use the chiefs and civil servant to intimidate our people and rig the elections they  are mistaken .They will not succeed. "  .He also said that  "No court case will stop the APC from going to State House.”

Earlier the  Chairman of the gathering,  Hon. Alie Sankoh,  said that the APC is now functional in Tonkolili and was prepared to win the elections .He warned  those who are not sure of their supports for the party to decide now other than later.

 Mr.  Foday Fullah, an APC stalwart ,  told supporters to use any of the finger to vote as it is not a conventional to use the thumb alone to vote.

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