Friday, February 23, 2007


A Norwegian Fishing Trawler, owned by John Jensen (75) who also serves as the Captain of the Boat ‘Senjafjell’, on Thursday 15th February 2007, docked safely at the Government Wharf Bay in Freetown.

The Owner and Captain of the boat, Mr. Jensen with a Crew member onboard where received by the Executives of their Agents led by Mr. Saio Kamara the Director of the ‘Safaosma International Fishing Company’ at Rawdon Street, in Freetown.

The Fishing Boat with over 300 Fishing Gears spent about seven days on the high seas from their Operating Base in Las Palmas, Spain, to Sierra Leone.

Mr. Saio Kamara, of the Safaosma International Fishing Company, speaking in an interview with Awareness Times at the Government Wharf, said that, he was a Sierra Leonean who had stayed in Europe for a number of years, and who commands a wealth of knowledge as a seafarer.

He explained that whilst in Las Palmas, Spain, he met with the owner of the ‘Senjafjell’ Boat Mr. John Jensen, whom he said has love for Sierra Leone because of his interactions with other Sierra Leoneans.

Kamara revealed that he persuaded John Jensen to come to Freetown and invest in the fishing industry. He also stated that the reason for him to Cater for Investors to come to Sierra Leone is because he looks at himself as owing an obligation to his own homeland after spent so many years developing other countries in the Diaspora.

Jensen’s investment in the Fishing Industry according to Kamara will provide employment for meaningful Sierra Leoneans so as to take care of their Families.

He said the coming in of Mr. John Jensen was a blessing for Sierra Leone as Jensen had a lot of contacts and upon his return to Las Palmas in Spain, he was sure to lobby other Investors to come to Sierra Leone.

John Jensen in an interview said, he is very much comfortable with the local weather which he said is much to his taste. He also assured of his love for Sierra Leone and stated that he is willing to work with the people of Sierra Leone. He also said he was not only here to make profit in the Country but will be selling Sierra Leone out to other Potential Investors in Europe and Elsewhere so there will be enough Employment for the People.

"I love this country and your people and I am going to do my best to help Saio Kamara bring more development to Sierra Leone." Jensen smilingly assured.