Saturday, February 17, 2007

For situation in Guinea …US Embassy to start issuing visas soon

According to the Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy in Freetown , Brenda Sowa, has assured Sierra Leoneans that the embassy will start issuing visas as soon as possible.Disclosing this in an interview, Sowa said the non-immigrant visa, whether tourist or business, is the one most people are interested in and it is the one they are working on presently to start its processing.Sowa said, In the next few weeks, the Embassy will be coming out with some information for the public about what some of the changes might be so that people will not have to journey to Conakry for visas. Commenting on the Diversity Visa and Immigrant Visa, she maintained that the processing of these visas will still be in Abidjan for some time to come.Business people and government officials express hope that the processing of non-immigrant visas will start soonest because of the inconveniences they encounter when in Conakry for US visas. They also mentioned the current situation in Guinea which is described to very disturbing.

Source: Concord Times Newspaper ...Sierra Leone, West Africa : Online newspaper