Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chief Dura ‘gravely sick’

Paramount Chief Alimamy Dura II, of the Safroko Limba Chiefdom, in the Bombali district, north of Sierra Leone, is reportedly to be gravely sick sources at his residence 72, Sackville Street in Freetown authoritatively state. Since last Thursday 22nd February this year, family members in Freetown and from Binkolo as his chiefdom headquarters have all gathered at the residence in Freetown in what has been said to be seeking out for prompt medication for the sick Chief Dura II. Family members are presently expressing concern over the inability of the chief to even respond to treatment for the past week now. Chief Alimamy Dura II, of Binkolo in the Safroko Chiefdom, according to report has served as Paramount chief of that chiefdom for about 60 years now. During these years Chief Dura was actively involved in national politics since he was reported to be one of the founding members of the current ruling Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) and was also active and famous during the tenure of the late President Joseph Saidu Momoh who was said to have been born in that Chiefdom. Awareness Times had recently been investigating an issue between Chief Dura and a young Binkolo resident, Mr. Brima P Kargbo over a land and house dispute. Awareness Times was in the middle of the investigations when the Chief fell gravely ill. In a recent interview with Chief Dura II on the said matter, Chief Dura confirmed that he had "banished" the Kargbo from the chiefdom in the interest of peace whilst claiming that one of his US-based nephews, Dr. Hassan Sisay was the one inciting discontent against him. Dr. Hassan Sisay had been supporting Mr. Brima P Kargbo. However, in an email to this medium last weekend, Dr. Sisay expressed sadness at the death and asked for his soul to rest in peace.