Saturday, February 17, 2007

As Tension Mounts in Guinea 60 Lebanese Nationals Evacuated to Sierra Leone

The Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone headed by Mr. Samir Hassan is reportedly making frantic efforts to welcome a group of Lebanese nationals from Guinea who are fleeing the political crisis in that country. Mr. Mustapha Tarrif, an executive member of the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone was seen yesterday in the company of other Lebanese nationals in Freetown moving around to secure accommodation for their brothers, sisters and Lebanese relatives. According to the president of the community, a total of sixty-five Lebanese nationals are expected to arrive in Freetown onboard a chartered plane from Conakry-Guinea. We are making all arrangement to receive them today, Samir remarked. The crisis in Guinea is reportedly developing every moment, for with the pronouncement by President Lansana Conte that the Military should take over to restore law and order, it would appear that the situation will develop into an uncontrollable dimension. Several people, both nationals and non-Guinean nationals have been killed while others have sustained serious bodily injuries. Soldiers are reportedly entering the premises of unarmed civilians, ransacking their homes and looting valuable items. The Lebanese nationals expected to arrive yesterday are merchants selling various items in the capital city of Guinea and its environs. It is not yet known how long the crisis in Guinea would last for, but residents of Guinea fleeing to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia have explained that the crisis continues to deepen every passing moment.

Source: STANDARD TIMES PRESS SIERRA LEONE As Tension Mounts in Guinea&60 Lebanese Nationals Evacuated to Sierra Leone PAGE