Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spence Diamonds to Help Princess Re-Build School

Canadian diamond jewellery manufacturer and retailer Spence Diamonds continues commitment to support diamond export countries

January 23, 2007 – Vancouver, BC: Canada’s largest diamond jewellery retailer and manufacturer Spence Diamonds has made a generous donation to the Kposowa Foundation, an organization that aims to rebuild Bumpe High School in Bumpe, Sierra Leone.
The school was ransacked and burned during the decade long rebel war, but now the community’s pride and joy can be restored to be the shining star of academic excellence that it once was. Previous to the civil war, the renowned boarding school was home to over 600 students from as far away as Nigeria.
“We have always been supporters of causes that benefit children” said Sean Jones, President of Spence Diamonds. “We are blessed to be in a position to support the Kposowa Foundation in rebuilding Bumpe High School in Sierra Leone.”
The Kposowa Foundation has a unique history, one that reads more like a fairy tale than real life. The story starts with Sarah Culberson, an adopted biracial teenager from West Virginia. When she reached 18, she started seeking her birth parents. Sarah would eventually locate her family in Bumpe, only to find that they were the ruling family of their village; her father heir to the role of Paramount Chief. By her birthright, Sarah is a princess. Her father’s most important responsibility was that of Headmaster of Bumpe High School, which lay in disrepair after the rebel attacks.
Sarah’s initial trip to Sierra Leone is now the subject of a documentary, and the Kposowa Foundation, named for Sarah’s
family, has been formed to rebuild the school that is so important to the community of Bumpe and to the futures of the students that will once again be able to attend. Sarah has since been nicknamed “Bumpenya,” by the villagers, which means Lady of Bumpe.
More information on Bumpe High School, Sarah’s story and the documentary can be found at www.bumpenya.com.

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