Saturday, January 20, 2007

Slok Air Line to promote Daddy SAJ

One of the most reputable and reliable Air lines in Sierra Leone, Slok Air Line, has decided to take Daddy SAJ to Ghana to do his Album which will be named "Vote for Daddy Saj ".

In an exclusive interview with Joseph Cole aka Daddy SAJ, he revealed to the Awareness Times Press that he had contacted the Management of Slok Air Line to assist him in his Album which he want to produced in Ghana and, the management of Slok Air Line according to him, has offered his manager and a female backing-up artist, return tickets to Ghana, adding that they will leave for Ghana on Thursday 18th January 2007, and that the trip will last for 3 (three) months.

Saj further intimated Awareness Times that the Album he is about to release will consist of 15 songs for which other international artists will be featured.

When asked about the date of launching the album, "Vote for Daddy Saj, " he informed our information bureau that he will launched his album on the 17th April 2007, at the National Stadium main bowl.

"I will also come with some International West African Artists to participate in my launching", Daddy Saj said, adding that the launching is going to be one of its kind and those who will be fortunate to witness it, will return home satisfied.

Saj finally expressed gratitude to the management and staff of Slok Air Line and commended them for their generous service rendered towards him and citizens of this country, adding that this promotion will serve as a motivating tool to him and other artist in the country.

Link to Slok Air Line to promote Daddy SAJ in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone News