Thursday, January 04, 2007

Electoral Commission Boss Pledges Credible Elections July 2007

The National Electoral Commission Dr Christiana Thorpe has pledged that NEC would deliver a credible election to Sierra Leoneans come July 2007.

Making that pledge at the European Commission headquarters in Regent, Freetown on 28 December 2006. Dr Thorpe said that the 2007 elections is not an event that would just come and go "we're looking at the process before and after the elections. The NEC commissioner, who supports the need for capacity building stated that it is vital to develop the media and civil society in the electioneering process.

Dr Thorpe commended the European Commissions support to NEC adding that it will go a long way to boost the work of the commission. The European Commission so far is the largest contributor to the Elections basket fund. Speaking on the issue of elections observers the NEC commissioner said there would also be national observers who Dr Thorpe said are important as they would monitor that the process is going well after the elections.

Commenting on Dr Thorpe's pledge the Chairman of PMDC Canada branch Mr Mohamed Kamara told this press that they not only trust the Electoral Commission chairperson but believe she would do a very good job in ensuring that the elections are free and fair. "I have known Dr Christiana Thorpe for a long time, she is an upright woman and would never involve in any shady deals that would ruin her credibility.She has done a lot to educate and empower women in Sierra Leone,I believe she will do an excellent job at NEC" he said.

Source: Electoral Commission Boss Pledges Credible Elections Come July 2007