Wednesday, January 31, 2007

China to commence work on Bo stadium, Dodo hydro project soon

Spectators at the Mali vs. Sierra Leone match
Chief Political Officer attached to the Chinese embassy in Sierra Leone , Chen Yan Friday disclosed at his Spur Loop office in Freetown that China would construct a 4,000-sitter stadium for Bo Town and an additional 2 mega watts to the already existing 4 mega watts at the Dodo Hydroelectric Project for Bo and Kenema.Chen stated that the project is a grant from the Chinese government.“For the Stadium in Bo, clearing of the site has commenced with support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and construction is expected to start in March this year. The Sierra Leone government has request that we expand the capacity to 12,000, which will be the second phase,” Chen stated and declared that the stadium construction is expected to be completed in one year.He commended Dr Dennis Bright, Minister of Youth and Sports for his support in making sure that the Stadium project becomes a reality. Speaking about the Dodo hydroelectric Project, Chen recalled that the project was undertaken by the Chinese in the 1980s with an initial capacity of 4 mega watts.“The Chinese government has agreed to update the equipment and provide spare parts for the Dodo dam. The China National Electricity Export Company will be in the county to implement the project. The technical team is now in Dodo working with the Bo Kenema Power Station and the Ministry of Energy and Power,” he revealed.Chen noted that the work at Dodo would have commenced earlier if the 12 containers of equipment were not withheld at the Queen Elizabeth 11 Quay for two months.“It was with the intervention of President Kabbah that the containers were released.“That is why we are starting two months late. In addition the Sierra Leone government has approached us to increase the capacity of the Dam to 12 mega watts. We have agreed and two more Dams need to be constructed which will be completed in three years time,”he stated.He noted that when the 12 mega watts would have been completed there would be 24 hours electricity in Bo, Kenema, Kailahu, Pujehun, Kono, Moyamba and the surrounding villages in these areas.Chen also stated that the first phase of Dodo Hydro Project will be completed in May this year.