Thursday, January 25, 2007

CDF and PMDC to form a united front

 COCORIOKO, your popular and most trusted source of information online can now reliably inform our readers that a watershed moment in Sierra Leone politics is about to happen. The Civil Defence Force  ( CDF) , which valiantly helped to redeem Sierra Leone from the murderous clutces of the RUF and AFRC  rebels , is about to declare its position in Sierra Leone's political metamorphorsis.

Through frantic, efficient ,  water-tight  and relentless investigation by this newspaper, we can now reliably report that the CDF and  the new People's Movement For Democratic Change ( PMDC)  are edging towards the formation of a united front.

COCORIOKO  was given the scoop by reliable  sources , after diligent and dogged investigation,  that we will not divulge now both for professional and confidentiality purposes but we were able to prise from the sources  valuable information that 90%  of the modalities for the merger have already been worked out." Following your relentless investigation , we  are giving you this scoop because we note that  your paper has been doing  a wonderful job in objective and fair journalism on the internet. Though other papers have been behind us for confirmation of the proposed merger, we  have not given this confirmation to any newspaper , neither in Sierra Leone nor internationally . But you can tell your eager readers that unless something dramatic happens , which we do not envisage, the deal is almost done and an announcement to the effect is pending", one of the officials assured COCORIOKO.

COCORIOKO,  a newspaper that does not normally rush to print until it is convinced about the veracity of the story , badgered the sources to ensure that they were right with this information. We insisted that we did not want to lose credibility , but the sources stuck to their guns that the merger was on the way. "Unless something dramatic happens ( Which we do not envisage), the deal is almost done and an announcement to the effect will soon be made. "

Other sources in Sierra Leone  we questioned extensively during our investigation told us  that officials of the PMDC have extended an invitation to members of the Kamajor Movement to join the party.  The sources said that they were sure that the Kamajors had accepted the invitation and If the Kamajors and especially their incarcerated leader, Hinga Norman, join the PMDC,  it will be a watershed event in Sierra Leone national politics and one that will seriously erode the support base for the ruling SLPP and its standard bearer, Vice President Solomon Berewa, for the July 2007 general and presidential elections.

But neither some PMDC officials in the USA  nor Rev. Alfred SamForay, Spokesman for Mr. Norman who is reportedly seeking medical treatment in Senegal, could confirm or deny our reports.  In a telephone conversation with this paper, SamForay, who never dilly-dallies when it comes to hitting the nail on the head, rather  repeated an earlier release he had made  that the Kamajors were free to join any political party in the country for the forthcoming elections.  "So, in effect, you are not denying the story ? ", COCORIOKO  asked . Samforay hesitated for a while and then philosophied : "This is a most critical election for Sierra Leone, and the Kamajors will not be voting for any party or any one just because they speak Mende or come from the South or the East.  We will look carefully at candidates who will promote the general interest of our people and the plight of the CDF leaders on trial.  We are also keenly interested in those candidates or political parties who have a plan on how to lift Sierra Leone from the permanent status as a beggar nation to a free country" .Samforay said further :  "This time around, our people especially the Kamajors will not be taken for granted by any one or any political party.  If the PMDC, as you say, has a plan for us and the nation, we will look at it very carefully and advise Kamajors accordingly.  Ultimately, it is left to them as whom they support, not Chief Norman, Mr. Fofana or Mr. Kondewa."

Asked whether Chief Norman would go along with the move by the Kamajors, Rev. Samforay  said the most important thing for the Chief now is the treatment he is receiving at Senegal and he asked that Norman be not included presently in this talk of a CDF/PMDC united front. Calls made to PMDC Leader, Charles Margai, have not been returned , but the informants include  top PMDC officials  and  former CDF  combatants in Sierra Leone pleading anonymity  for now.

According to the sources, when all the modalities are worked out soon, a public announcement will be made that the Kamajors have joined the PMDC. The announcement will be followed by a period of integration of top officials of the CDF  into the PMDC  party caucus. "Expect the announcement to be made anytime from now ", one of the sources enthused.

PMDC  officials in New Jersey are tight-lipped about this latest development in the history of their young party but they too did not refute the story.Rather, one of them took a long swig at his Soda can and said : In politics, Rev. Kabs-Kanu, everything is possible. Now, Sierra Leone is a different country from what she used to be . Now, never say never any more in Sierra Leone "

Cockorioko Press will  bring you more details.

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