Sunday, December 31, 2006

Message to the Nation By President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah On the occasion of the New Year 2007

Fellow Citizens, Sisters and Brothers: I greet you all in the name of God through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whose humble birth Sierra Leoneans and millions of people throughout the world are celebrating once again. I don't think there is any other festivity that has acquired such universal observance as Christmas. Although the demands of the secular world tend to pose distractions from its religious significance, the true meaning of Christmas signifying joy, peace and goodwill to all men and women has prevailed. Indeed, the true meaning of Christmas is as valid today as it was on that first Christmas. At a time when misconceptions about religion continue to inflame conflict and damage relations between and among peoples and nation States, it is worth repeating and re-emphasizing that we Sierra Leoneans have a great national asset, namely, our abiding respect for each other's religious beliefs. The celebration of Christmas and of Ramadan, like indeed other festivals of these two world-wide religions, always provides us an opportunity to tell the world that what we have is not just religious tolerance, but deep reverence for the different religious faiths of our compatriots.

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Source: Sierra Leone: News & Information: President: State House: Ahmad Tejan Kabbah: