Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sierra Leone Diamond Company Ltd said the first sampling results from its Lake Popei exclusive licence area have shown kimberlitic grains. The company exclusively focused on the country Sierra Leone also said that 'as soon as local conditions allow', a detailed follow-up campaign will begin to generate drill targets and bulk sampling. These results come from a total of 20 samples from the 54.32 km licence area, the company said, adding that it believes that the presence of coarse ilmenite grains and the comparatively un-abraded surface textures of these grains 'indicate a proximal source rock'. The company added that though no direct inference can be made from the presence of these grains to the potential diamond content of the source rock nor overall size of any target, it is 'highly encouraged' by these results. It said the area has had previous small diamond production but no previously documented kimberlite source rock.