Thursday, November 30, 2006

Berewa Hands Over Campaign to Paramount Chiefs

Vice President Berewa Sunday handed over his campaign for the 2007 elections to Paramount Chiefs. The ceremony took place at the Vice President's hometown of Bumpeh. Hundreds of party stalwarts from far and wide witnessed the historic occasion as the SLPP leader was carried by youths into the town on hammock. The occasion which was described as "Berewa's home coming" was witnessed by cream de la cream of society, including traditional rulers of the three regions, North, South and East. In his remarks, the Vice President said his refusal to come to his hometown to visit his people for quite a long time was deliberate. "I had visited almost all the districts in the country leaving behind the Bo District, I did it because I know you are my people and would always be welcome by you when ever you see me," Berewa said adding " I know you have me as your son therefore I have been confident that with or without me you are doing the work expected of you." He said that the time was ripe for his visit to Bumpeh, even though he left another important meeting organized by the Madingo tribe on his behalf in Freetown. Berewa urged his countrymen that the northerners have thrown a challenge to the south for his campaign for the Presidency. "Northerners have been wondering on the slow pace at which the southerners are taking up my campaign, they say, they from the north have already consolidated their position and only waiting for the day of the elections when they will prove themselves but they expressed fear over the southern cooperation," Berewa said. "Southerners should know that this is the first time in the history of Sierra Leone a son of the south more especially Bo District is aspiring for the presidency of this country, and its already at your doorsteps but if you sit by and allow it to sneak away from you, you will have no one to blame but yourselves," the SLPP leader said. Berewa said he was not in Bumpeh to campaign the people because he is confident they are with him, even if they hate him but they know what is good for them. "I know Bo district is also eager to produce a president for this country who will visit them at all times, because of this I will now hand over my campaign for the Presidency to the Paramount Chiefs of Bo District," Berewa said. Relevant Links West Africa Sierra Leone In response, Paramount Chief of Bo town Katmandu Bongay assured the Vice President of their fullest support as Paramount Chiefs of the district but was quick to refer the challenge back to the Ministers and Members of Parliament of the district. In a related development, Vice President Solomon Berewa challenged other politicians who are propagating that chiefs should not involve in politics. "Who can read any of the clauses in the constitution which spells out that Chiefs should not involve in politics"? he asked. "As traditional rulers, you are politicians, you have the right to involve in politics, because if any thing goes wrong in your Chiefdom you as Paramount Chiefs would have to carry the blame. So therefore as chiefs you are bound to involve in politics". Berewa emphasized