Thursday, October 05, 2006

Berewa to uplift Sierra Leone's status

At a well attended dinner and town hall meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA, Vice President Solomon Berewa assured his compatriots that when he is elected to the Presidency in Sierra Leone at next year’s presidential election, he will do all within his powers to uplift the status and image of Sierra Leone even higher. VP Berewa detailing Salone’s prospect at the Hilton Hotel in London He started his address by thanking the Sierra Leonean public in Georgia, for their support during the sudden death of his beloved wife, Mrs. Deborah Berewa, last September.  The Vice President went on to outline the number achievements of the present SLPP led administration amongst which includes; the restoration of peace and stability in the country, disarmament of combatants, returning of displaced persons and refugees to their homes of origin, construction of good roads across the country, reconstruction and building schools and hospitals in every chiefdom in the country. Mr. Berewa pointed out that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) assumed political power in Sierra Leone at a time when the country was faced with a senseless war that destroyed every fabric of the country’s infrastructural development. According to Mr. Berewa, the first priority of the government in its quest to rejuvenate socio-economic development was to end the war and resettle the people to a more dignified life. "We could not have neglected the restoration of the dignity of our people for any other activity", Mr. Berewa noted. (read more)