Friday, July 07, 2006

IS SIERRA LEONE A LOST CAUSE ? Government spinmasters, bootlickers and political psychotics can say what they want but the ruling government in Sierra Leone, headed by Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, has many questions to answer for the indescribable suffering almost driving people out of their minds in the country. Granted that the country is recovering from war . Sierra Leoneans will never forget the destruction the rebels inflicted on the country , not to mention their grief for the thousands of souls that perished . However, it is over five years since the war officially ended and 10 years since the return to constitutional rule. By now, any serious and devoted government should have had a semblance of control over the things that are falling apart in the country. But for this present government, it appears as if it is not equal to the task of alleviating the problems of the people. Our people are suffering too much. It seems like it is woes piling upon woes for the people. There is no electricity in the capital. Light is as rare as a white leopard , with several parts of the city not benefiting in any way from the power-rationing that has been on since Methuselah.. These ares of the city have been in darkness for months. Without light, life has been intolerable and uncomfortable. (read more)